About HealthGuyNews

I’m a pretty healthy guy – but it wasn’t always that way. I started out with a real SAD diet (standard American diet). Since I solve a few health issues of my own, on my own, by study and practice I’ve developed a real passion for health. People always ask me what I eat, what I believe in health wise, and who are the folks that I read and study? And personally, I’ve always wanted to use my Internet experience to bring more health information out to folks.

So … rather than wait any longer, and not having enough time yet for a full-blown blog, I decided to just list all of my favorite folks here and send them out every day as they write on their blogs. In geek terms, that would be called a “blog aggregator.” I was doing it anyway for my friends – sending them emails about articles and new stuff I learned and that worked for me.

Weight loss seems to be what people are most interested in so expect a lot about that. I also think flour, sugar, and caffeine are the devil so expect a few famous bloggers about that too. I could rage on but I’ll save that for my few posts. I also believe that modern medicine is a little out of touch and follow a decidedly holistic approach to health and wellness.

So if you’re looking for pills and surgery stuff this is probably not for you. I’ll be writing a few posts occasionally as time allows under the Heathguy moniker and watch out for my soon-to-be launched site called HealthGuy.com.

Please feel free to leave your comments below any article that you feel strongly about.

Talk soon.

Be well,

M. Powers Collins, aka “The Healthguy”