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Physical Therapy to Help with Back and Knee Pain

Many people that visit their doctor with back pain or knee pain tend to be told that nothing further can be done to help them except to take pain killers or to consider undergoing surgical procedures to try and solve the problem so they feel they have to accept this and continue with their daily routines as best they can.

However, at Balance and Body Restoration they believe that this isn’t always the case and that undergoing a specialised physical therapy plan can offer an alternative to simply putting up with the pain, and often with very positive results. At their physical therapy centre based in California Balance and Body Restoration have made it their goal to help people to begin to live a pain free life again by offering their physical therapy programmes to a wide range of clients.

Physical therapy is a method that is designed to target key areas and through a mixture of exercises, stretches and massage to improve strength and increase flexibility to help reduce stress on the body and noticeably lower the levels of pain or discomfort that is experienced or in many cases make it disappear completely.

At Balance and Body Restoration they are able to create a totally personalised physical therapy plan designed to help relieve most types of aches and pain and with a bit or dedication committing fully to the course can help to make a considerable difference over time.  

With an excellent team made up of a fully qualified and skilled physical therapist and an experienced and qualified masseuse at Balance and Body Restoration they have all the skills required to offer a complete physical therapy plan on-site to any client looking for help to reduce the pain they experience.

During an initial assessment they will be able to determine the cause of the pain and then create an action plan of physical therapy to help treat the problem, while following the physical therapy plan clients are also able to get all the help and advice they to help them make any lifestyle changes required to prevent any future chances of the problem recurring.

Many people experiencing knee pain or back pain tend to have these issues due to muscle weakness due to age or injury or because of lifestyle habits such as sports or sitting for long periods. Factors such as these can cause tightness or stiffness that causes pain, so by strengthening and stretching the correct areas it is possible though physical therapy to undo any damage caused and to build up supporting muscles so their clients can begin enjoying an active and motivated live style pain free. Knotted, stretched or tense muscles can become very painful and it can take a lot of work to get them back to normal at Balance and Body Restoration they have many excellent methods to help address these problems and solve them effectively.

So if you have been living with back pain or knee pain and your doctor has advised you that all they can offer is painkillers it’s definitely a good idea to consider finding out more about the physical therapy services Balance and Body Restoration are able to offer. With the opportunity to have an initial telephone consultation, the chance to attend a free taster session and plenty of literature available online you will be able to make sure that signing up to one of their physical therapy programmes will be right for you before you have to make any kind of commitment at all. Why not get in touch to find out more today?

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